Born in Barcelona Elisenda Carrasco began her musical studies at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Barcelona, where she completed all superior levels in Composition and Instrumentation and Orchestra Conducting with J. Solé and S. Mas, respectively. She also gained a superior level qualification in Musical Education, specialising in Choral Singing.

She trained in choir conducting with S. Johnson, J.Dujick, L. Heltay, J. Prats, P.Cao, H.Rilling and F. Bernius and attended courses with the conductors G.Hollerung and Frihsmund in Germany, sponsored by the Musica Mundi Association.

During the academic year of 98-99 she furthered her Orchestra Conducting studies with H.Wojnarowsky at the Friedrich Chopin Superior Academy of Music in Warsaw.

Her compositions have won several prizes (Ciutat de Reus, Competition for Young Composers from the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Caterina Albert).

In 2000, she founded the Sant Esteve d’Olot Capella de Música together with other musicians and musicologists. They are dedicated to the collection, study and distribution of unreleased works from the 16th and 17th century.

In 2001 she created the Barcelona ArtsCambra Orchestra, with other highly experienced musicians, making music a constant dialogue between performers, the audience and the music itself, making the ‘concert’ a rich and novel artistic experience for all those who attend.

In 2002, together with the theatre director and dramatist Marc Rosich, she created La Trattoria Lírica, a chamber opera company that creates shows and puts on original performances.

She has been teaching and conducting for over twenty years. She has particularly developed her knowledge and technique with choirs for children and equal voices, gaining a lot of respect in the field. Worthy of particular note is her work with the Montserrat Choir School and the Liceu Superior Conservatory of Music in Barcelona.

The direction and instruction of youth choirs is one of the areas where Elisenda has most developed her knowledge of teaching and vocal skills. For this reason, she has been regularly invited to give courses and workshops for Youth Choir Conducting and Singing all over the world.

As musical director, she has been invited by Europa Cantat on several occasions as well as by Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend. She was invited to Venezuela, through the orchestral movement

FESNOJIV and the choral movement created by the Schola Cantorum in Caracas, to give instructional courses on the teaching and direction of children’s choirs, and also to Turkey for the last three years.

She is the musical director of the "Òpera a secundària" Project which is organised together with the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the IMEB (Municipal Institute of Education of Barcelona) and the JONC (National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia).

Elisenda also regularly collaborates with the Educational Service of Barcelona’s Auditori participating in teacher training courses, conducting and concert organisation. For seventeen years, she has also been the artistic and musical director of the Cor infantil de l’Orfeó Català of the Palau de la Música Catalana.

For nearly twenty years she has been the musical director of the Cor infantil Sant Cugat, andcarries out teaching tasks at the Aula de So Project. She has been the director of Voxalba for ten years.