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With twenty years in existence, Voxalba brings together sixteen women who, through their own initiative, commitment and discipline, form this unique, independent all-female choir. Sixteen different personalities; sixteen professional and life experiences; sixteen timbres and vocal expressions: the women of Voxalba are all connected through their love of music. As teachers and singers of classical, jazz and pop, they are an ensemble of exceptional quality and extraordinary diversity with a reputation for musical excellence that extends beyond their native Barcelona. Whether a cappella or accompanied, the exquisite soprano, mezzo and contralto voices soar, touching the heart of even the most discerning choral critic.

These sixteen women take to the stage with confidence; they move, communicate and express themselves with prodigious ease, breaking the strict form common to classical choirs. Their concerts are dynamic, moving, impassioned and alive. While the individuality of every member is apparent, together there is a singular spirit. This is Voxalba.